Well I think we can all agree 2020 has been quite the year. All considered I'm not going to beat myself up for not working on my blog, but I think with it being a new year I am going to try again. I have come a long way on my journey within cloud automation and I think I have at least a few decent lessons learned to share with everyone.

      Over the last year I went from writing my own custom resources in terraform to completely jumping ship with that and moving forward entirely with pulumi (more on that later). I have come to have a love hate relationship with AWS managed services. Some of them are well built and managed while with others you might be better off hosting the service yourself. I have begun to realize how all cloud providers are just a bunch separate services built by seperate teams that are just stitched, sometimes poorly, together. Yet the potential they provide has never been greater. Rather than needing teams of engineers to manage servers and infrastructure for a growing busines you just need a handful of good resources and if you do it right you can automate all of the hosting and provisioning of a whole SAAS offering. Jobs that were once point and click now require software engineers and it’s a fun time to be at the front of all the advancement.

      I guess that takes me back to the point. I want to make sure I actually am at the front of that advancement. Over the next year I would like to really learn Golang as it already is the standard for cloud automation with its ease of deployment to any ecosystem. I think I will be contributing to https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi to further this. Past that I want to give back and maybe better myself in the process. I am a product of self-learning myself. I have no formal education in software, but I cannot even imagine the number of hours it must have taken to create all the content I have consumed from the community. Not to mention all the open-source code that constantly makes my job easier and our business tick.

      Hopefully what I create and teach on this blog can help others. If you work in cloud infrastructure but do not really know how to program hopefully I can show you where to start and why it’s important. If you are a software engineer but let others worry about the servers maybe I can show you why you need to pay attention 🙂 Let’s all hope this attempt at the blog lasts longer than my last go!

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